Andrew Loake

Murray’s Handbook for Travelers, published in 1878 says: “The visitor to Northampton will at once be reminded by the leather aprons and grimy faces which haunt the streets that he is... [...]


There’s an inherent problem with long-established businesses, particularly with those that have been owned and run by the same family for generations. The irony is that this problem arises from the... [...]

It was a tremendous pleasure for Loake to work with Paul Costelloe for the exclusive unveiling of his Spring/Summer 2018 collections at London Fashion Week. Loake shoes were chosen to complement... [...]

We are Loake

ANDREW LOAKE SPENDS FIVE MINUTES WITH…  It’s something of a cliché to say that a business is defined by its people – and, although I have a dislike of clichés, they usually... [...]

We Are Loake

For a little while now at Loake we have talked about the extended Loake ‘family’, a phrase first prompted by the wonderful interaction we receive on our Facebook page. To be... [...]

How to Polish Fine Leather Shoes

We get a surprising number of questions about what is the best way to polish leather shoes. There are, of course, many different ways of doing this. Most companies will base... [...]

Fire at Wood Street

In 1929, Loake’s Wood Street factory caught fire. The results were devastating. Despite the extensive damage, however, production resumed within a week. Here Andrew Loake recounts his father’s memories of the... [...]

In response to growing consumer interest in the provenance of the products they buy, Andrew Loake gives a frank and honest account of Loake's position on the "country of origin" question.... [...]