We Are Loake

For a little while now at Loake we have talked about the extended Loake ‘family’, a phrase first prompted by the wonderful interaction we receive on our Facebook page. To be honest, we are still surprised how many people love our shoes and love talking about them.

But the Loake family extends much further than this, it stretches from our forefathers who started the Loake brand through to the newest generation of wearers to adopt our shoes.

To illustrate this, we have adopted a new slogan. We Are Loake. This represents all the people who are involved in our story: the people who make Loake shoes, the people who sell them, the people who wear them and the people who love them.


We Are Loake is at the heart of our new marketing creative, which features some of our very own craftsmen and also two of our blogger friends who wear Loake shoes. A sincere thank you to John Jarrett of Individualism and David Evans of Grey Fox for being part of the story.


I suppose the story should start with three brothers who worked at a shoe factory in Kettering towards the end of the 19th Century. They each worked in different departments and realised that, between them, they had all of the skills necessary to make shoes for themselves. So, in what was for them a life-changing moment, they decided to give up the security of their jobs and set up in business on their own. Five generations later, the business is still family-owned and Loake shoes are still made with the same aim in mind: to make the most handsome, comfortable and durable footwear we can. It still takes 8 weeks to make each pair.


Today, in addition to our own Loake shops in London, Chester and Bath, there are nearly 2,000 shops in over 60 countries around the world that sell Loake shoes. The staff in these shops should have a good understanding of what makes Loake shoes so special and many of them will have visited the factory and seen for themselves the level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and love that goes into making each pair.


Since we started manufacturing in 1880, we estimate that we have made well in excess of 50 million pairs, so the list of those who have worn them is quite extensive! Today, Loake shoes have become a firm favourite with discerning customers all over the world and grace the feet of many well-known athletes, actors, musicians and statesmen. That said, our aim has always been to make high quality shoes available and affordable to everyone.


The many loyal wearers of Loake are probably our best ambassadors and, in the age of the internet, the situation is self-evident. Social media in particular is full of pictures, stories, anecdotes and testaments from those who like their Loake shoes so much that they want others to know about them too.

All of these groups together make what is now the extended Loake family. It’s wonderful when the makers, wearers and fans all share the same values. We Are Loake.




Andrew E Loake

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